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Alternative Views on Vaccines



Every single vaccine skeptic doctor has been proven wrong and many have lost their license.

Children are dying of measles and whooping cough in communities that bought this garbage.


Oh, Christ…




Is that proven or is it just what you think?


Lets not forget the President’s thoughts on the matters

Edit: Had a link to his twitter saying some dumb things but the url was messy. here’s an image


Wakefield did indeed lose his license. Bob Sears basically can’t practice. Not one study linking bad outcomes to vaccines showed a causal link. The one that did was actually fraudulent. I know all this because we spent 9 months researching vaccines before kid one was born. There’s literally not one claim proven true. But there are way too many examples of idiot communes and religious groups having kids die for no reason in the past year alone.

This is something the right and left can agree on. Don’t be part of the anti science crowd.

If you want to go after drug companies “Big Pharma” there are alot of sins: Viox, statins etc… Vaccines aren’t one of them. Humanity has beaten dozens of diseases that formely crippled and killed millions. Take the easy win man.




This is a futile discussion to have with Zeppelin, just FYI.

@Aragorn and I have been trying this on and off for years.


Zep is part of the anti-intelligence crowd.


This doesn’t mean much when coming from the resident T-Nation idiot savant.


Coming from people who deny the RESULTS of stem cell therapy along with the profit-motive of Big Pharma.


For what it’s worth, I believe in stem cell therapy, AND accept the profit motive of Big Pharma.

And I still think the anti vaxxer crowd is a bunch of derpensteins.


Right, lol, I bet you think the earth is flat too.


…I mean…think about it…

Disclaimer: I promise I’m pro-science, haha


Well, this is about the quality of the evidence that he provides to back his outlandish assertions, generally.


I poke around in PWI lookin for zep, zeb, and raj when work is real slow for some solid alternative facts


Maybe they are. But I will still watch the episodes to see how the subject is being treated.


You make equations that just highlight your ignorance.


Such as…You make statements about others that are more applicable to yourself.


Which is fine. If you want to watch a segment as it evolves, have at it. I haven’t been around tnation long enough to speak to your past posts.

If you want ANYONE to believe that vaccines cause autism, I’d recommend having proof.

Personally I’m not sure how the vaccines cause autism crowd receives as much news as they get. It’s not like they have minimal proof, or have claims that are hard to refute, they simply have nothing.