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Alternative to Yohimbine

Is there anything besides yohimbine that can target the alpha 2 receptors and help get rid of my love handles. No matter what I do or which way I take it, my body can not handle yohimbine. If I take it, I end up feeling sick for the whole day. Am I stuck with my love handles forever? My bodyfat is 7% but my love handles are huge.(I wish I could afford ab etching.) Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, Mike. Sorry to say, but I’m not aware of anything besides yohimbine/yohimbee that acts as an alpha-2 antagonist. Make sure you’re taking the correct dosage. I copied some info off of one of the T-Mag articles for you. If you are/were taking the correct dosage, I have to say that yohimbine is just not for everyone, especially anyone with high BP or a heart condition of any sort.

"Actually, the yohimbine alkaloid is not terribly bioavailable, and it would be more available with acid breakdown in the stomach. So a small amount of food that secretes stomach acid would be a good thing. Can’t tell you if a fat or a fibrous meat would be best.
Dan Duchaine

"Dan, I would tend to agree with you; however, my preference is to avoid food, if possible. But, of course, if you’re having a problem taking (or breaking down) yohimbe on an empty stomach, I’d add a small amount of lean meat. The enzymatic actions of the protease required to breakdown the meat would also help with yohimbe. As an alternative to the lean meat, you may want to try just using a little papain.

  • Buy Yohimbe Fuel from Twinlab. I know the product is pure and potent. Each 100 mg of Yohimbe Fuel contains 8 mg of yohimbine base.

  • The effective dosage is 0.20 mg of yohimbine per kilo of bodyweight. So, for example, if you weigh 90 kilos (about 200 pounds), you need 18 mg of yohimbine.

  • Using the 90-kilo bodyweight example, take one Yohimbe Fuel capsule three times a day for a total of 24 mg of yohimbine base. Our hypothetical 200-pound athlete only needs 18 mg, but there’s no efficient way of taking partial capsules.

  • Very important: Do not take yohimbe with food; take it on an empty stomach, and don’t eat for an hour afterward. Somehow the food interferes with the action of the yohimbine, rendering it ineffective."

Thanx for the help.

Not to hijack the thread, but TT, the more I read your posts the more I think we live in the same house as we have read basically the exact same library of BB mags/articles. I used to love those old Ask the Guru articles back in the day.

Bodyopus is still the shit!!!

On a related note… Are you taking an herbal yohimbe combo such as yohimbe fuel or are you taking pure Yohimbine HCl. The pure yohimbine seems to cause people less problems with nausea and such. Give it a try if you are not using the pure form. But if your body still feels shitty than it was not meant to be. I used MD6 with the yohimbine in it and I was getting palpitations, but that I think was mostly from the combo with the Ephedrine. I know MD6 works for a lot of dudes, so I am not bashing it. Just giving you my experience. I would not attribute the palps. to yohimbine directly, but my whole point is… be careful


And isn’t if funny that with all the BB wisdom out there, you and I both ended up here on T-Mag? I guess “great” minds can’t help but recognize a good thing when it slaps them in the face. (grin)

P.S. I enjoy reading your posts, too!

I’d think that anything that has the same mechanism (antagonizing alpha2 receptors)
would have the same problems.

Basically I think you have the same fat burning situation as everyone else, except for this type of compound not being appropriate for you; and the best that can be done, other than liposuction, is general fat loss. If you’re already as lean as you prefer while still having the nagging love handle problem, I don’t think supplementation could help, unfortunately.

Tampa-Terry, do you think that there would be a problem with taking Yohimbe hcl with fish oil caps in the morning? Will the fat cause any issues in it’s usage?

Hey, there, Al!!! Long time no speak. (grin)

Unfortunately, in answer to your question, I just don’t know. I’m not strong enough in the biochemistry of how yohimbe is utilized by the body. And, too, I see some great minds that disagree on the subject of whether it should be taken with food.

My personal preference is to try and take it without food. Taken with food, an herb’s effect is best described as “sustained release.” I want that TKO punch you get with taking an herb on an empty stomach. I take it twice a day, first thing in the morning and right before I work out mid-to-late afternoon. Both are on an empty stomach (two hours or more since last small meal), and I usally let at least a half hour go by before eating.

BTW, I find yohimbe to perform as advertised. I’ve taken a lot of herbs, amino acids and supplments, and not many make a difference that you can see. Yohimbe has definitely helped me lose BF in those areas that are the most stubborn and the last to go. I would definitely recommend the standardized TwinLabs version.

Thanks for the reply T-Terry. Sounds good, I will utilize it in the same fashion you are, except I will use a ECA stack before workouts as well with the Yohimbe. I get mine from 1fast400. I need 15mg a day with my current weight, Im real anal, and they sell 2.5mg capsules so I can get that 15mg. I think instead of two doses like you, I will turn it into three. One with Green tea upon arising, one with ECA before workout, and the last right before bed on empty stomach.
thanks again for the response, very useful.

Da Boxer

Is cycling Yohimbe hcl recommended? if so, what length is a cycle best at?

Does anyone know if cycling Yohimbe hcl is necessary?

Go with TwinLabs Yohimbe Fuel. It’s standardized. Yohimbine HCL is a prescription you would get from a doctor.

Yohimbe is something you take over the long term. It is not cycled. The effects are subtle, but cummulatively profound. Kind of like Methoxy.

I picked up a bottle of Twinlab’s Yohimbine with a gift certificate I got for X-mas. I’ll start this afternoon; it should be a fun experiment. Given that I’m using it in conjunction with MD6, I’ll have to play around with dosages, as the MD6 already offers some.

I think you’ll be happy with the results. Plan on taking it for three or four months before you make a final determination. I’ve been taking it that long, and it’s only within the last month that I realized what was happening and said, “Wow!”

That’s interesting, as John Roman and I were discussing the other day whether or not it would be effective in bulking cycles as a regional nutrient partitioner. I only anticipate cutting for 6-7 weeks (I tend to just put my nose to the grindstone and get it over with quickly), and plan to get back to a longer term gaining phase. Thanks for the insights; I’ll keep you posted!

Why don’t you try Lipoderm-Y? It is a topical yohimbine that won’t give you the adverse reactions that systemic use will. It fried my love handles right off. HTH, Odin