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Alternative to Whey

I am experimenting with new proteins as my doctor said my acne is coming from animal protein & dairy.

So, I feel like Hemp Protein is the best source (other than animal/whey).

Does anybody know of a trustworthy company selling Organic Hemp Protein.
I welcome your opinions on other sources of protein.

Acne from animal protein is highly unlikely
You should eliminate things one at a time when changing your diet

Pretty sure that only removing dairy/whey will be a huge change

its probably dairy intolerance and thats it, not ‘animal intolerance’. -just try using lactase enzymes/pills or get your protein from fresh food

Never heard of animal protein being linked to acne. Perhaps excessive fat/oil? Regardless, dairy is a known factor. Going for a ultra-low lactose whey, e.g. isolate, hydro, or hydro casein, may be enough to avoid irritation. Then again, going without for a month or so is no bad thing. I did it recently following gut issues and didn’t fade away to a shadow. If only whey was so potent!

Nutiva hemp protein is organic. Its unflavored. Its pretty good after the third day. It doesn’t blend or mix well so if using a blender cup. Use the smallest of the blender cups when you mix it. When using a shaker cup i find myself holding it upside down against my lips and letting what would settle to the bottom escape though the spout cause like bcaa it isn’t going to all dissolve. Worse you don’t know until your coffee sat for 40 mins and is going down the drain that ohhh about the entire scoop is collected at the bottom. All my symptoms are gone.
I was getting head achs from the whey i bought.
Its about 10 bucks a pound. 3 pound bags are best because of shipping inflations. It seems to pair well in flavor to everything I’ve tried it with. Crystal lites and coffees for instance.