Alternative to Thighs?

been on TRT for about three years now…always injecting thighs(as thats what the doc showed me)…but here lately im having a harder and harder time getting the needle in(yes i rotate thighs and areas of thigh) …should i start shooting in my ass cuz im tired of the struggle lol…doesnt feel like scar tissue but after three years and many,many shots maybe it is…

Why don’t you use Sub Q?

Much easier.

It sounds like you’re using huge whale hunting harpoons to inject testosterone, it doesn’t sound at all like you’re using 27-29 gauge insulin syringes and tells me your doctor is outdated if he has you using 18-23 gauge syringes. My doctor had me using 18 gauges, found this forum and woke up.

I inject into shoulders using 29 gauge insulin syringe and the needles go in effortlessly.

SQ is another option and painless, I inject peptides SQ every night and I never feel the needle going into belly. Injecting testosterone SQ into love handles usually the most popular area to inject.

he gives me 21’s to inject with…harpoons indeed lol…forgive the ignorance but explain Sub Q…is that a different form of test?as far as insulin syringes can i just ask the pharmacy i get them from for them or do i need to get the doc to change the rx for them?he gets kinda ornery with me every time i make suggestions …maybe time to move on…he’s in his early 70’s i think and very old school…but he’s never taken me off even though my test levels get really high sometimes so ive stuck with him…

I knew by your description what gauge syringes you were mostly likely using, those 18 gauge harpoons I was using were difficult to push into my quads.

SQ or Subcutaneous is injecting testosterone into fat tissue, usually in the love handles to the right/left of the belly button. I buy my insulin syringes online, 100 for $12 dollars. A pharmacy will charge you an arm and a leg for syringes.

Some older doctors tend to practice medicine they way they did decades ago, never staying updated on the latests studies.

so the test not going straight into the muscle is ok?

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It isn’t going into muscle, but fat tissue.

i might have to try that…im starting to dread injections so i need to change something

Theres plenty of info all around the internet about it. Check Youtube for some videos too.

I have to inject people everyday at work with Test, and it looks painful. Why would you ever do that when you can do sub Q. So easy.

I think you can get syringes with needles at walgreens for .25 each. They are the lock-tight ones where you can change needles. I was injecting with a 21g and felt like a nail stabbing me in the quad. Now I use a 23g and feels like heaven nothing more than a pinch. I look forward to shot days now.

That’s despicable. They don’t even do that kind of torturous shit at Gitmo.

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