Alternative to Sled Dragging?

I need to get some gpp in my workouts, and was wondering if anyone knew of anything similar to sled dragging, that could be done in a commercial gym with just the basic equipement?

Also, I would like some other gpp drills.

I read about CW’s drill where you load up the leg press with all the 45 plates, and then take them all off. Sounds like a great idea to me, might give this a try.

Any thing else you guys have done?

Farmer’s walks are easily done, plus weaving around 900 different machines and trying to avoid morons who stop right in front of you makes it interesting.

If you want to strip the leg press come into my gym at 7am when it opens. You can also strip the bar in the squat rack and the bar on the platform, rerack all the other plates that are scattered all over the place, and put all the dumbells back on the rack. For extra fun you can heave the 50kg dumbells from the top of the rack and put them at the bottom where they belong.

High incline treadmill walking
High rep dumbbell snatches and/or swings
Various barbell complexes
No-rest circuits

Load up a dipping belt and carry it across the gym by the chain? Piggy-backs for cardio-bunnies?

mimic all your dragging motions with bands

waiters walks…push press a heavy DB (half your weight is usually good) and walk around with it over your head.

turn a reebok (ish) step upside down and fill it up with plates. push it around (gotta get really low for this which is hard)

maybe take up a beer league sport such as rugby or floor hockey. flag foot ball is ok to obecause you dont have to buy all the kit for real foot ball.

higher rep body weight complexes as finishers (don’t want to sap your energy in the beginning) are great too.


complexes kick my ass, definitely worth trying.
I do:
bent row to hang clean to front squat push press to stiff legged deadlift to heaving up a lung