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Alternative to Side Crunch?


I currently worked my way up to 20 reps of weighted side crunches (2x25 .lb plates on my chest with my arms holding them across my chest with hands on shoulders), 311 tempo on each side.

I like this exercise but would like a variation instead of just adding weight.

Was thinking of wrist to knee sit-up?


How about saxon side bends?


Cable side bends, Wood Choppers, Russian twists. DB and BB side bends, Saxon Sides. Varoiuos angled leg raises or rolls that go from side to side.

My personal Favorites for the side work is the Wood Choppers and the cable side bends HEAVY. Really concentrating on Flexing the core as Hard as possible. \

Oh CT has a few Articles on abs as does His Girl Friend Christane they are both worth looking into in the library. Do an author search

Hope that helps,


I'm currently doing lateral flexion (side raises off a bench right now).
So that would eliminate lateral flexion exercises.
And doing russian twists (trunk rotation) as well.
Looking for an upper abdominal mainly exercises ( trunk flexion ).
I am doing crunches.


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Ohhhh.... I like the sound of that!
I did search on google and couldnt find anything.

Got a link?


Try this: 21st century core training


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Here's another link


Site is in French, but the pictures make it clear. Also has a picture of Sylvester Stallone doing one from Rocky IV.