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Alternative to Power Cleans (Temporarily)

I’m doing starting strength, but my current gym doesn’t allow power cleans. I’m in the process of building a basement gym, however the equipment is a couple weeks away from arriving. Until then, what exercises should I sub in for the clean?

I recall Rippetoe mentioned what to do in this scenario (aside from finding a new gym) somewhere in his book. I think he said to do barbell rows and chin-ups? Not sure.

Yeah, generally people sub in bb rows. That’s what I did because of issues with my shoulders when “catching” the bar after the rack. Add some chins as well and you’ll be hitting pretty much all the same muscles.

Or you could do power high-pulls. It’s a clean without the rack, and tell your current gym that its a completely different exercise, and unless they have expressly written it into your membership contract that you can’t power high pull that they can suck your almighty-powerful balls.

Infact, unless it expressly states in your membership contract that your membership is conditional to certain things, such as not power-cleaning, tell them they can suck your power-cleaning balls.

If it all goes pear-shaped, ask for a phone book so that you can just quickly call your lawyer and ask him how he thinks this is going to go down in court.

If they don’t fall for it, then scream as many profanities as possible and have a couple of weeks break until your own equipment arrives. Then enjoy those power cleans. Make sure in a few years time when you are massivley ripped you go back to the gym and tell them to suck your ripped balls.

Hope this advice helps.

I like kettlebell swings as a power movement if you have access to one. It’s not really a replacement for cleans in terms of strength and muscle growth but it has it’s place. Safe, simple, and much less equipment to throw around and potentially mangle someone with.

That said, the BB rows and chins are probably also a good idea and more in line with the starting strength program overall. I’m not knowledgeable enough about SS to really speak to what the best replacement would be.