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Alternative to MAG-10


I plan to do the growth surge project with massive eating diet in about 2 weeks. However, the program recommends MAG-10 along with it, which is not available any more. Is there a recommendation for a product to replace MAG-10? Anyone have success stories with MAG-10 you can share?



WOW! No responses! Anyone please?


Give some Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male a shot (gotta give site products some props) another product that is pretty good is T1 from Primordial Performance.


I got a response that 11-T might be the available one. Does anyone have experience with that?


There's plenty of 11-T threads.

Here you go:


that was some good shit love all the Biotest stuff was doing a bottle of MAG-10 a week for about a year


that sounds a bit intense. 1bottle/wk.

no wonder why you don't post anymore.


LOL. It's safe to say that joey eggs has passed away due to liver failure.