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Alternative to Intelligent Design


Open letter to the Kansas School Board:


I may have to convert.


Many of us here have already discussed being touched by his noodly appendage...



Welcome, Gojira.

It's good that you have seen the light (bolognese sauce) of his great pastaness, the FSM.


Anybody have any idea where to pick up a high quality pirate uniform? I, for one, intend to try to appease our marinara master


And remember that monday, Sept 19th, is a religious holiday for Pastafarians. It is "Talk like a Pirate Day", arrrrr.


I wondered if folks had already discussed Him. I was on vacation for awhile and may have missed it.
I have, up to now, been a member of "The All Meat Religion". The thought of a new, carbohydrate god is somewhat frightening. But I see that the FSM has balls, meatballs that is, and that comforts me.



Although I do respect the pirateness of the mainstream FSM following, I must break down and admit that before the holy war, I was an FSM ninja. Damn you pirate guys kicked our asses.

Pasta Inquisitions suck.


That guy is a total moron pure and simple. He has no respect for anyone's faith and should keep his comments to himself purely out of respect. Why is it that it irks him so much? He needs to look in the mirror and ask why it bothers him THAT MUCH.

His invented religion is fine by me. Once it proves itself effective and is around in 500-1000 years it will be credible. I would prefer at least 2000 years though, but 1000 years will do, because if by that time it's still as wide spread as our belief is today he's defifnitely in :slight_smile:

I guess he did not account that TIME does matter and lends credibility, usually the oldest is the most proven.


Really? You mean that Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is currently known to be a man's invention, but in a millenium or two, it'll be an accepted religion? Cool to think that it'll follow in Christianity's footsteps.

By the way, since the oldest is the bestest, do you follow Judaism or Hinduism?


No, no, no. You don't get it. He simply happens to have a valid alternative to Intelligent Design and he wants equal time with it if it's taught in school.

FSM is backed up by just as much science as ID; more, in fact, if you rename Superstring Theory to Supernoodle Theory. The entire universe is most probably made up of 11 dimensional Planck-scaled vibrating pasta. It only makes sense that the Creator would also be pasta-based. Creating the universe in his image and all that. Men have a noodly appendage and women are adorned with two tasty meatballs. You can't refute evidence like that.


The graphs, pookie, the graphs!

The pirate-global temperature relationship is essential evidence giving credibility to FSMism and His judgement.

The end is nigh!


You all really seem to be having fun with this. I would have expected this much attention for that idea in junior high school. The fact that it seems to have caught on with a large number of adults is pretty scary considering not one of you actually believe this, meaning deep down, each time it is mentioned it is dig at religion. Whatever makes you happy, but what is really the point of this besides degrading what a large percentage of the world believes?


I feel it's more of a dig at trying to teach 'why' in a science classroom when teaching to learn 'how' might be more appropriate.

In my highschool physics classes what we were taught were inferences (and carefully explained as such) and the processes behind them, they were not taught as fact.
That's my understanding of what a science class is about.

To me, FSM is a dig at pitching inference vs belief when they do not have to be mutually exclusive.


LOL, that is the point. What could be more fun than making fun of people who believe in fairy tales by making up even more ridiculous fairy tales?


Fairy tales? The point is, there are people more intelligent than you who believe in a higher power, yet to you they are less than you and need to be made fun of. How do you make yourself believe that you have made the right choice? Wouldn't that take just as much faith? The only truly logical course of thinking in that regard would be agnostic, not atheist. You have gone beyond even waiting for judgement and fallen right into knowing for sure there is no God and that Christianity is based on "fairy tales". To me, that is simply childish when it involves making fun of those who choose to believe.


Garrr. We follow the FSM matey because he promises a volcano of beer and a stripper factory in the afterlife.

Shiver me timbers! What other reason could you need?


Why would you want girls who have to take their clothes off in the after life? Wouldn't true paradise involve naked women instead of "strippers"? Your higher power is a dumbass.


It smells like, like a used diaper... filled with... Indian food!


This thread is occupied with nothing more then just people that are just plain stupid with follower mentalities. Sometimes i doubt the sentience sp? of most humans.

Prof X excluded.


You lack the proper mentality to see what I'm saying.