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Alternative to HOT-ROX?


Okay, as much as it pains me, (those of you who followed my contest prep already know this) in order to compete in the INBF next Spring, I can't use HOT-ROX because it's on the 'banned' list (don't even get me started -lol). Obviously I'm a fan of HOT-ROX and have used it quite a bit in the past, and even turned a number of friends and gym going acquaintances onto it.

During my recent contest prep, I made use of a product containing a small dose Usnic acid, as well as a basic thermogenic just for the little kick in the ass each morning, however I don't want to keep using the Usnic acid when I'm not actually prepping, just want a little kick in the ass on occasion.

As much as I feel like a traitor,... I was wondering what experiences others have had on here. I'm NOT looking for suggestions of newer trainers who pop everything under the sun, drop 2 lbs and go "OMIGAWD this is great!" I'm hoping for some serious feedback here from people who will actually recognize if anything caused a noticeable effect.



A lot of people swear by fucoxanthin. Check it out, it's made from Sea Kelp so there should be no problem with it being on a banned list.



Fucoxanthin has some interesting stuff online about it,.. half says it's brilliant, and half says it's a scam -lol. No human studies though, so I'll wait at least until I can find some testimonies that aren't attached to an ad :slight_smile:



I read similar things about Fucoxanthin. Seemed to be in the earl(ier) stages of testing but no concrete thoughts on it just yet.

I hope someone is able to give you some suggestions Stu. Good luck!


There are a lot of humans that use it. I think Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition has used it. Also member 'California Law' has used it with great results.

He and others mentioned using it with good results in this thread;

Page 2, 5th post down, point 6. And the discussion basically follows on from there over the next 4-5 pages (not in order though).



Excuse my ignorance but why is it banned?


Believe me, I've got my own theory on that one (could it be that the INBF is heavily sponsored by a certain supplement company that we're not allowed to use the name of on here? -lol).. or maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist with too much time on his hands.



How would they know if you used HRX or another product with similar ingredients?



I haven't seen any other supps out there that have the same ingredients as HRX. Besides, even if they're not really able to tell, for those of us who don't lie very well,... there goes the polygraph -lol. Seriously though, I know there was one particular ingredient, can't recall off the top of my head (at work now, so can't really go check) that I think they had issue with.



VPX Meltdown is great.

Currently giving Mitotropin a run. So far, loving it.


Wow, a polygraph? This is some serious shit!





Stu - are you looking for a thermo, energy supp, thyroid support supp, or appetite suppressant? There are different some things you could take (certain ingredients in HRX as well as others) to achieve each of them. I like also like yohimbe + caffeine as an alternative to an EC stack (I am guessing running an EC stack is not an option for you?).


If anybody could shed some more light on why HRX would be banned, I'd appreciate it. I'm about to give them a try for the first time, but I don't want to touch anything that's even remotely close to something on a banned substance list.


You like the mito eh?? I have about 9 days left of my mito cycle, but I may just drop it when my HOT-ROX and Se7en get here(in about 2 hours). Seriously, I think the diet and workouts attached to it are just as much help as the mito itself, because I have really not gotten very much results from it.

If I still feel the need for a fat burner after this HRX cycle, I will be trying something different(I have some ephedrine products still kicking around I might give a go, would it be a bit too much to stack that with HRX and Se7en?)

and I apologize OP, for not having any real input here, but I personally do not suggest mitotropin, especially in comparison to HOT-ROX. HOT-ROX I at least feel.


It's not really a "banned substance", it's just that the INBF has a bit of an over-the-top idea about what makes someone "drug free". Basiclly if you use supplements that are advertised in their magazines, then you're okay -lol.

Mitotropin is an uncoupler right? I did have good results with the Species line myself, and I read that the Mitotropin is basically the same ingredient (usnic acid) put together with a basic stimulant. I have nio probs with stims, nor do I wit the usnic acid in small doses when prepping for a show,.. I just don;t want to use it year round.

I guess I'm looking for a little kick in the ass, and if it allows me a little more lenience in my diety, great. Some folks have mentioned Meltdown, but most of the reviews I found online just seemed so-so about it. I used Lipo6 years ago, and liked the kick in the ass, but there are like 4 different versions of it, and they all have average reviews (and none from any actual competitors, barring those who are paid to endorse it).



I am certainly not a competitor, but I do not recommend mitotropin at all(just finished a cycle).


According to the INBF site, HRX is on their banned list because it contains A7-E. Hope that helps.



Isn't Usnic Acid also known as "Death in a Bottle?"


Lipo 6x is decent.