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Alternative to Good Mornings?


After an earlier incident I decided not to do good mornings ever again.
Don't bother trying to convince me otherwise.
I know this makes Wendler furious, but I don't give a shit, I like his program so I'm doing it anyways.

What can I replace them with?


Seated GMs in a power rack, RDLs.


Yes, if there's one thing Wendler talks about nonstop, it's that the assistance work should always be followed exactly as he wrote it and people should never ever customize it according to their health, abilities, and goals.

What are you trying to achieve by doing them - low back strength? Glute/hamstring strength? Low back size? Glute/hamstring size? Different tools will do different jobs.

What days are you putting them on, what does the rest of that day look like, and what's the rest of your training week look like (days, exercises, sets, and reps)?


Low back strength coupled with glute/hamstring strength I guess.
I'll be following the triumvirate template of 5/3/1.

On my deadlift day which is supposed to look like this:

3 sets of deadlifts following the 531 schedule
5x12 good morning
5x15 hanging legraise

3-5 minute rest between deadlift sets.
1 minute rest between assistance exercises.

My weekly schedule
Mo: rest
Tu: rest
We: Squats
Th: Overheadpress
Fr: rest
Sa: Deadlift
Su: Bench


In that case, a few options to consider off the top of my head: RDL, dumbbell RDL, trap bar RDL, rack pull, hip thrust, glute-ham raise, heavy dumbbell swing.


Thanks a ton both of you!


I like the reverse hypers personally. Do them with a stability ball on a regular bench. Right now my dead lift is somewhere in the 300s and I can barely do 7-10 of these with good form.


I used to love having clients do this exact thing when I worked in a regular gym (without access to a reverse hyper machine). Holding the pause at the top for a full one or two-count gives it a little extra something, since you often end up dealing with a little "bounce" from the Swiss ball.

They don't really lend themselves to added load though. Holding a DB in the feet would be the only option (which can be awkward in the bottom position), but I rarely found it necessary with moderate-to-higher reps and that pause at the top.