Alternative to Gluteus Medius Exercise, Clams?

I was looking for an alternative to clams because people do them with a band and I don’t have one so I can’t really do them and they will be too easy, the reason why I am doing this exercise is to address awkwardly angled legs my legs are internally rotated and my inner thighs rub against each other because of it and it is absurdly annoying.

Or would exercises like the pistol squat be good enough to strengthen the gluteus medius and are exercises like the clam unnecessary?


Clams should be harder than you think. Do 3 x 25 and you should feel a burn. Make sure you other hip is staying down and you are not compensating any movement, and keep your core tight and your lower back arched. Clams are specifically for the posterior glute med.

Andy is right, I think you’re doing something wrong here mate.

If clams are too easy then try the “clam raise”

It’s not that clams are particularly easy it is just something that I would outgrow quickly and I would very quickly need resistance, although clam raises will be a great alternative when things get easy, thanks!