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Alternative to GHR?

Hello all,

this is my first post. :slight_smile:

My training is based around heavy weighted pullups, deadlifts, (box) squasts, bench pressing, rowing etc.

Compound movements basically.

I was doing GHR pretty good but I’ve advanced and now I’m holding a 14 kg dumbell in each hand to do the eccentric (lowering) part under control.

Thr problem is that it somehow aggrivates (spelling?) my knees so I’m looking to a good GHR alternative. :slight_smile:


You are doing negatives with 28kg in the GHR and want to change?

Maybe I am not understanding your situation. How many total reps can you do (concentric and eccentric)?

If I was you instead of the DB, get a monster mini band and do the GHR with it.

I’m only doing the eccentric part with the dumbells.

The concetrict part is done weight free.

Thanks for the mini band idea. :slight_smile:

Try Harrop curls, some people use the term GHR raises for them though so maybe that’s what you are already doing.

It seems to me that GHR is the same as that Harrol’s curls.

Any more ideas? :slight_smile:

[quote]Xen wrote:
It seems to me that GHR is the same as that Harrol’s curls.

Any more ideas? :)[/quote]

umm no, glute ham raises you need a special apparatus, this is what people typically mean when they say GHR


Harrop curls, from what I know are done either flat on the ground or off a lat tower station. I could not find a picture, but in the first one your thighs are supports, for the second one it’s just up toyour knees that are supported so it’s much harder.