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Alternative to Expensive Energy Drinks?


I really like energy drinks (Rockstar Recovery, Monster low cal) but they cost like $4 almost a can.

Any alternative in pill form to take? The drinks make me feel really good and kind of euphoric.


For what its worth, those drinks are crap. Filled with so much shit. Find your self a good pre-workout supplement (there are tons of them) and use that. Far cheaper too!


Spike Shooters are cheaper and will give you some pep. But, even then on a daily basis they can get expensive.

lately, I've started to drink coffee occasionally, mainly for the health benefit for the brain and heart.


oddly enough coffee really screws up my CNS where energy drinks seem not to, even though a can of energy has more caffeine. go figure huh?

i've taken hemo rage uc and works great but hear you arne't supposed to take it everyday. tastes better than energy drinks anyway.




I agree with that. They taste good, due to the shit that they use, other than that it's simple caffeine with a few token ingredients thrown in, e.g. tiny amounts of taurine and sometime B vits, etc.

Save your cash and start brewing your own coffee and/or your own formula, e.g. caffeine, green tea extract, tyrosine, chocamine, grapeseed extract, B vits, etc, the combinations are numerous.


lol. I can imagine someone trying to lift weights on that. Would not work. They'd be too engrossed in the feel of the grip on the bars.


I know it's alot to ask but do you know what the dosages of that stuff I should mix together?

Is it true you can't take a pre-workout everyday? like hemo rage uc?


Slighty off topic, but Ive never seen the need for stims pre workout. I have no trouble pushing myself in the gym. Recovery, however is something I prioritise more so with pre workout supps or food.


it is recommended you take a break every so often.


I'm pretty much the same. However one supplement I tried pre workout was L-Tyrosine. Joe Defranco talks about this amino like it is god and I can agree that it is a very good "natural" pre workout supp. First time I took it I pr'd in the 60m sprint. No jitters or anything like that either.
Having said that, there's nothing like a mug of coffee if you're feeling sluggish.


Flavored BCAA powder (10 grams approx), Tyrosine tab, and a Caffiene tab...pre-workout nutrition at it's finest in my opinion. Works especially well for fasted training in the morning.


Spike gives you options based on size, price, etc.

I use Spike tablets before hockey games, but Spike Shooters are my preferred drink version.



OP: If you are finding cans of energy drink too expensive, buy some No-doz and if you really feel there is a benefit, some tuarine capsules. If you find No-doz too expensive, buy some bulk caffeine powder. If you can't be fucked making your own version but want it to be cheaper than the energy drinks, then buy a pre-workout powder. Main thing you're paying for with those energy drinks is transport and refrigeration costs.

You need only look at the active ingredients of those energy drink cans and work backwards.




Pushing yourself how? intensity? volume?

Unless a stim non-responder, you just can't say you accomplish as much and be correct


i currently use

200mg caffine (in tablet), 2ltr water, 2g electrolyte tabs, shake with 50g protein and 100g carbs from oats.
working well, keeps you hydrated and wired


No-doze tablets and a B-vitamin tablets.

Cheaper and probally better for you.



is no-doz just a caffeine tablet? couldn't find any results in Canada on a search.


Jesus! Bet that packs quite the punch. Never mixed tyrosine with caffeine yet, only tried them individually.