Alternative to Eggs?

I do not like eggs… and I was wondering if there is any good alternatives to eating eggs for protein in the morning.

Micellar Casein protein would be my choice.

The one, the only… Soy Protein:)

three hamburgers. or what blashy said.

Just eat some food. It doesn’t have to be food that is stereotypically eaten at that particular time of day.

Heck, sometimes I go crazy and have eggs for dinner, and shrimp for breakfast.

You may wanna slam some whey for a quick digesting protein after waking, then make a meal of whatever-the-hell-other protein source you want.

just had my eggs for dinner about 20 mins ago. and had my eggs in the morning, and part of my post workout meal… yum yum…

But to be honest, just eat anything you can swallow that has protein in it. you could also take whey if you want, absorb it fast after being “starved” all night

Breakfast on tuesday was 6 ounces of tilapia, mushrooms and onions, and a tbs of EVOO.

Now that is eating like a woman since I’m dieting, but point is, just eat food like ND said.

steak/whey/cottage cheese w/frut/oats all at the same breakfast to get the ball rollin…lol