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Alternative to Cellucor NO Extreme?

I am picky about my pre-workout I guess. I found one I loved and of course they discontinued it — Cellucor NO extreme. Nothing has ever compared to it! Nothing else turns me into a monster in the gym like that did. All the new Cellucor NO products are weak. I’ve attached photos of the ingredients… Can anyone recommend a similar product?! Please?!

I just usually hunt for deals and also make up my own stuff using single ingredients. For example, I’m more into stimulant-free pump blends. To which, I’ll add things like creatine, more beta alanine, protein, carbs, etc. Recently, I got a good deal on Rich Piana’s Full As F*ck. Decent product; nothing dramatic (too much Vit C - see below). Also goy a BOGOFF on BPI Sports Nitro HD. Again, decent but not mind blowing pumps.

For me, the product you plugged has too many stimulants and also too much vitamin C (not a good thing around workouts).

Looking at the ingredients you could replicate it cheaper. Go buy arginine, citrulline, beta alinine, caffeine, and BCAA pills. Problem solved.

Try some of the Spike products.

Surge Workout Fuel and, if you want a caffeine boost, one NoDoz cap.

And like JamesBrawn said, having vitamin C in a pre-workout can be counterproductive: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/tip-avoid-these-vitamins-before-and-after-training

Thanks for the info. I was hoping to bypass purchasing several pre-workouts that don’t work for me, and then giving them away… Lots of time and money wasted. I was hoping to cheat and get a good recommendation! :slight_smile: But yes, I may have to just try a couple. Regarding the stimulants… YES, guilty as charged – I’m a stimulant fiend. But after something that really gets me energized, not just raises my heart rate and makes me irritable. This stuff had that. And thanks for the info about vitamin C… I’m not an expert in this field so always learning!

Yes, thank you. I will consider it as a last resort. I was hoping to find a good off-the-shelf replacement to save hassle, but not sure I’m going to find that!

Thank you! I’ll check it out.

Thank you! I’ll check it out! And thanks again for the vitamin C tip.

Yes, I was a bit like that until a bad experience with the original Jacked 3D several years ago. Never again! Besides, I love good quality coffee too much to trade that in for stimulants out of a tub!