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Alternative to a Dozen Eggs?

Hey guys and gals, I’ve been away from these forums for a while but did 531 (BBB) for a couple of months and, OH MAN it works

Now I wanna start building the monolith as a personal challenge to prove myself that I can push the limits of my body.

However I have a bit of a problem, the nutrition

My wife does almost all of the cooking in my house and my day is extremely busy, so I am mostly eating on the go or in my truck (I do manage to eat in between meals, mostly a can of tuna, fruit, cottage cheese, egg salad sammich, etc)

Is there an alternative to the dozen eggs? The beef I can eat easily during lunch and dinner but the eggs are the problem (mostly because my wife is expecting a second child and we’re on a very tight position economically, eggs are kind of expensive here in Mexico)

Also, I could eat more tuna but am worried about the whole mercury poisoning deal, unless it’s just a stupid scare.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: so, here’s a rundown of what I’m eating today so you guys can get an idea

550 am:
C4 pre-work out with 6 oz of water

620 am:
At the gym working out, I drink a scoop of dymatize Amino Pro mixed with 12 oz of water

730 am:
Done working out, I take 2 scoops of dymatize 100% whey with 12 oz of water (might change it to milk)

830 am:
3 eggs with cheese, a bowl of instant oatmeal (apple with cinnamon) a cup of coffee with vanilla coffee mate

11:00 am: one cup of cottage cheese mixed with a tablespoon of jiff peanut butter (should’ve added some flax seed) and an apple

2:00 pm: lasagna made by my wife (a hearty portion) salad with Italian dressing

6:00 pm: small pack of natural microwavable popcorn

8:00 pm: chicken and turkey ham sandwich with cheddar cheese, mayo and mustard

Tall glass of non-lactose milk

I’m 6 ft 2
Weight about 220 lbs

Could try milk. 12 eggs= 936 calories 68g protein.

1 gallon whole milk=1200 calories 64g protein


That’s an option! Thanks!

Intra(especially mid) workout nutrition/supps will give you the most bang for your buck.
Perfect world get some Plazma but as a on a budget get a small bit of hydrolysed whey or aminos and some kind of carb drink/powder. Karbolyn is good, but pretty much anything apart from straight white sugar products like gatorade/sodas will do

Slopping olive oil all over meals a good trick also


I already take amino pro by dymatize during my workouts and the elite whey protein after working out (two scoops) also by dymatize

Do you know if they send plazma to Mexico?

Edit: WELP I just looked at the price, nevermind then lol

Haha yeah I’m not even sure they do I know its a bitcht o get in Canada, thats why i said karbolyn- very similar to the ‘magic’ carb in Plazma but a quarter of price. Also only need to use half scoop and will see results no to mention big pump

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I just have to ask, how much do eggs cost in Mexico?

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How much does C4 cost you? I’m guessing a dollar a serving. How much does Dymatize amino cost you? Similar?
The whey is at least useful and probably cheaper protein than eggs, but the rest of the supps? Spend that on eggs and drink a black coffee before your workout instead.

How much are eggs in Mexico?

I’m pretty sure eggs and coffee are cheaper than supplements. This site is big on supplements just like the last one I was on because that’s how they make their money so I’m sure it will be an unpopular statement and I hope it’s not deleted by mods. I had similar statements deleted or ridiculed when stating these things there.

Bodybuilding on a budget, google search or pm me since I won’t link as I don’t know the rules for posting competitors links here yet.

I am on a very very tight budget myself, and am limited to about $50 a week for food maximum, so I know the struggle.

The only supps you really need are Creatine(which is crazy cheap) and if your diet is poor some vitamins(also cheap), this again will likely be an unpopular statement but I’m being honest.

There are some great supps out there if you have the money(I’ve heard great things about Plazma in a good percentage of T nation articles for example), but on a budget get big like Sandow, Saxon, and Goerner did, by eating right.


A dozen eggs is fifty pesos, multiply that by 8, I’d be spending 400 pesos per week, 1600 per month

Where I buy my supplements I get a 25% discount (the guy is friends with me and one of my cousins) so they’re pretty obtainable for me

I actually do take vitamins (animal pak) because I don’t eat a lot of greens or fruits.

Coffee is not an option because the brewing machine that I use is too loud and it wakes up my wife and my boy.

I have tried creatine and it’s amazing, however, lately when I drink it I get some pain on my back so I stay away from it.

Thanks for the info! I’ll PM you later today

Fifty pesos a dozen, it doesn’t seem like a lot but I’d be spending 400 pesos a week for a dozen eggs daily, and that’s a bit too pricey for me.

50 pesos for a dozen eggs is about $2.70 or £1.90 for me. That’s pretty much what they cost me. I have no idea on Mexican food prices, but are you going to be able to get much beef or tuna etc for $2.70 a day?

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So basically about the same price they are here in Texas.

I get beef from cows that we grow (farmer) so that’s why I don’t have to spend money on it

And tuna here is dirt cheap, like 9 pesos a can

Moreso, yes

I’ll ask my supplement guy, don’t know if he carries it or something similar


What’s that in real money?

I kid, I kid.

Have you thought about raising your own chickens?

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I have, I might buy a few next month and make a chicken coop (too many coyotes around) free eggs and chicken!

My next concern will be COOKING a dozen eggs lmfao but that’s doable I think

Ya, I figure since you’re already a farmer raising your own chickens seems like the logical step. My mom raises about a dozen or so and the eggs are much better (tasting and nutritionally).

I don’t think it’s that costly either. Them getting killed/eaten is of course a problem. Coyotes and whatever birds of prey you have down there (we have a lot of hawks around here).

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We do too, Hawks, coyotes, stray dogs, lynx

Hell, even thieves

If you have access to plenty of beef, why would you want to eat a dozen eggs a day? I’m just trying to understand.