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Alternative to 6wks to Superhero Fat Loss?


I'm looking for an alternative to 6 weeks to super hero and german body comp. There are a few articles that are posted on here like the bowl full of jelly one. What types of programs are people on here using that don't involve cardio?

I've been seeing alot about sprints are good to do. I know most on here aren't fans of p90x, but what about a modified version? Ex on the chest and back days instead of doing push-ups just bench press instead? Maybe its a bad idea, but im just looking for a little input on what everyone else is using to shed some fat with out losing or even gain a lb or 2 of muscle


I follow a program instead of thinking I'm smarter then the author.


I'm not saying im smarter than the author by any means. I don't have all the equipment to do the 6 weeks to super hero program. The bowl full of jelly article only has a few example routines and they say to make a few more since you need to do it for a certain period of time. I had results with p90x, but alot of my maxs went down when I was done. I lost alot of strength on my bench press. Thats why I said maybe I could tweek it with doing bench press instead of doing the push ups.


Can you do 3, 4 or 5 per circuit?