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Alternative to 5x5 for cutting with T-Dawg

I was using 5x5 for a little over a month and then decided to go on the T-Dawg diet with the 100/70 split yesterday for a little while to drop some fat. Piss poor planning on my part as I should have combined the two originally. Anyways, I am trying to figure out which training program is going to benefit me the most after doing 5x5. I am leaning towards going with a strength program rather than a high volume/high rep program based on previous heated arguments on the forum. Has anyone tried a different strength program like 1,6, contrast training, wave loading, etc. with T-Dawg or a similar diet and had good results? Should I just switch up the exercises I was doing on 5x5 instead? Has anyone just bonked on one of these diets during a strength program? A little concerned with dropping a couple hundred pounds on my face while benching. Thanks for any advice.


I’d still stick with a strength based program like Meltdown II or any of the ones you mentioned.

Thanks for the advice. I am trying to decide between wave loading and 6x4. I am leaning toward the former since I think it would be a bit better to shock the system since the latter seems a little too similar.