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Alternative Protein Powders (Allergies)


Unfortunately, I am unable to eat whey powder (allergies). The only other type of protein powder that I have seen so far in my town, is soy based.

My question is, what type of protein powder would be 2nd best after whey. (I've also read about vegetable, and some other types)? And is it even worth it to get if its not whey? Should I try something else?

Thanks, Rem.


Supro soy protein isolate or egg protein powder...


Popular concensus, Soy is not good at all.

Egg protein may be a good idea, as allergic to whey may mean allergic to Casein (the other more abundant milk protein).


Yes, actually, I am specifically allergic to Casein.

So would egg work best? Any other opinions?


Contrary to popular beliefe, soy isn't bad for you. Somewhere a rumor got started that soy will elevate estrogen levels, now I'm not saying I didn't subscribe to this school of thought, but its wrong. More test were done, no chages in est levels. I think it had to do more with marketing that anything honestly, seeing as how all the major supplement brands are Whey protein! Soy is right up there with whey in biological value (how well your body uses it), it digest easily, good stuff. Another alternative is Isopure (its a brand), I hear good things about it from people with similar problems. good luck!


To my knowledge it depends on the quality of the soy protein. That's why I mentioned the Supro brand. You're probably talking about the fact that soy has isoflavones which are similiar in chemical structure to estrogen, but some isoflavone's bind to estrogen cell receptors, thus possibly lowering estrogen. Soy also lowers DHT. That at the least IS a fact.

B.L. Dillingham, B.L. McVeigh, L.W. Lampe, and A.M. Duncan, "Effects of Soy Isoflavone Consumption on Reproductive Hormones in Healthy Young Men," From the Department of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences.

The study proved that soy protein, even regardless of the isoflavone content, lowers DHT and had a minimal effect on other androgens, estrogens, gonadotropins or SHGB. There's nothing saying that you have to live off Supro, but it is something to consider...


There are other problems with Soy. Namely the 'anti-nutrients' like lectin and protease inhibitors. Protease inhibitors specifically which interfere with enzymes in the digestive tract.

This is before we even get to the estrogenic compounds, genistein and the other one I can't remember.

The protein was always thought to be lacking in Methionine the sulphur bearing amino acid, hence its lower score than say beef or milk. Some protein studies were done on rats. I've never read this officially or come across it but I think Rats have a higher need for methionine because they are covered in fur and the sulphur beraing amino acids are used for hair/fur amongst other things. Humans have a lower requirement I presume.


Egg Albumin is probably your best bet. I've had great results with hemp protein but the stuff tastes god awful and can be pricey.
If you can't find egg protein in your town there are online places you can get it, some bulk protein sites out there have good deals. Its not especialy popular so you'd probably overpay at a local health store.
I'd give you some links but I don't want Biotest to take it the wrong way. I'm only recommending going to a competing site for a product this site does not sell.


Well, if soy is the only kind I can get, and it isnt the Supro Soy brand, should I even bother getting any sort of powder?


another option is chicken. lots of it. boil it. grill it. store it. have lots to take with you. it goes good in: wraps,tacos,burritos,salads,pasta,barbeque sauce,ketchup, etc.

imagine how many ways they list of eating shrimp in forrest gump. there are 1.67 times that many ways to eat chicken.

i recommend defeathering it first.


Well, I already do eat a fair bit of meats and such. I just dont know if I'm getting enough. My weight hasnt gone up much at all in the past few months. Although, I have gotten stronger, and a little bigger. I'm planning on eating more meats though.

On another note, I've been searching for egg based protein powders in and around my area, and I havent found any. The only non-whey ones I found, were the ones that I couldve picked up today. The soy based one.


Type "Egg Protein" into google and you will find several online retailers of egg protein powders. I am not able to recommend any as I buy Metabolic Drive pretty much exclusively. I did try the Optimum Nutrition chocolate Egg Protein several years ago and I think it tasted pretty good.


If you are not gaining enough weight, then the problem may also be not enough carbs in your diet....


soy molecules are big & don't digest very well... that & the estrogen properties are why it got a bad name


I would not suggest you eat any kind of soy protein, unless its fermented (tempeh or miso).

As for as supplementing in general, I'll be the first to admit to using protein powders to help my daily needs, plus I work 70-80 hours per week. But, being a holistic nutritionist I still think we need to eat whole/unprocessed proteins (not supplements) when ever possible. So, unless its SUPER inconvenient to cook/prepare your meals, just stick to good old fashioned food. The only place you would be lacking is around workout time. As it was mentioned, I would look into egg protein powder and its actually relatively fast digesting (but certainly not as fast as whey isolate or hydrolized whey).

Also, another note is that I love Metabolic Drive, but I started getting an allergy to it myself (which can happen with any protein powder). So, I'll be back to using it in the future, but I think its important to mention that we need to rotate our powders from time to time. This leads me to let you know that the over-consumption of eggs/egg protein can also create an allergy over time, so I would use it sparingly especially if you are eating cooked eggs on top of the powder.



Use rice protein powder. There are plenty other similar alternatives.


I thought since soy is a fast-digesting protein (much more so than whey) that it is not a good idea to consume it outside the anabolic window because it wouldn't all get utilized properly. Some goes to fat doesn't it? To be safe I would stick with egg protein.


If you had the soy powder with a meal, containing fiber and fats, it would slow its digestion down...


yup. get the brand with lower carbs (NutriBiotic?)


What do you mean, "outside the anabolic window"? I'm sorry, but I'm a bit of a newbie as far as protein and dieting and such go.

So far, the only really safe one for my allergies that I've found, has been a soy powder. I think I may pick some up though. Looking at it, it seems to have lots of vitamins added to it. So it may help me generally, even without the protein (calcium is hard to get without taking pills, due to lack of milk in my diet).

So, if I go with a soy based powder, how long before and/or after a workout should I use it to get its maximum effects?