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Alternative Metals for Rings (Jewelry)


Anyone have experiences with jewelry made from metals other than precious metals like gold, silver, etc?

I pretty tough on jewelry and tend to just destroy gold rings.

I'm looking at stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten.

Pretty good stuff? Do they discolor? Need more/less cleaning?

I've seen a few local sources and sources online, and some nice pieces.

Looking for your experiences with the jewelry and experiences with online sources.


My husband has a plain titanium band. He likes it a lot, no discoloration, and it works as a bottle opener with no scratches like you'd get with gold or platinum. It does have the brushed look that you get when you wear a polished piece of jewelry regularly, but it has held up well and it isn't as worn-looking as platinum would be with the same duration of use. It is not as bright white as gold or platinum, but is more of a dark grayish silver.



try that


A friend of mine has a tungsten band. It has been very durable and is a lot more interesting than the typical band. It has also maintained its shape through 600+ lbs. dead lift sessions.

I have no experience with online jewelry purchase.


Ice.com is dogshit. Bought a somewhat pricey (>1k) ring from them as a present for the woman, and it arrived with weird tarnish spots on the band. The stone was also unimpressive. They were prompt on the refund, but I'm done w/them. Besides, they also cost me what normally would've been a lock after giving that kind of gift. Fuckers.


My tungsten band has stood up to a ton of abuse and still looks quite good.


Tungsten carbide wedding ring, stands up to anything. WWW.tungstenworld.com


I wear a solid black in color tungsten carbide band at work. Extremely durable, very comfortable, and the solid black color gets a lot of compliments from total strangers. I believe my wife purchased it at Jared's, of all places.


"She went to JARED! ... "

... It's could only be Jaaa-red ...


Thanks for the info so far.

Yeah, I dig the black tungsten. I refuse to pay some of the walk-in prices, but I know it's easy to get crap from online.

I like the brushed tungsten, too.

@Scotto - did you actually purchase from that site?


The only thing about tungsten carbide is that it used to be the only way to remove a band was with a laser. Last I'd heard most jewelers put a safety in them that when compressed hard enough it will snap into three places. Though I'd check if you were buying from a lesser known internet shop.

Otherwise just take it off for mechanic work, or anything around moving parts.


I have a few friends who have wedding bands and they are both Tungsten. Apparently it's the ring of choice.


BTW I got mine from e-weddingbands.com. Good price, and when the first one (engraved) was a little small, they exchanged it for the right size for free. Since you can't size em, you have to make sure you get the right size.



7 years and going strong.

Ring is holding up well too :slight_smile:


How about Onion? Vows can be renewed at every visit to Burger King :smiley:


I've never used the site, but you could try checking out http://www.idonowidont.com/home One man's tragedy could be YOUR key to low prices!!



Go to page 30-31. I've always wanted one of those. Pricey though.


I did get my ring from that site, very happy with the quality and price. I got my finger measured at a couple of local jewelers to make sure I had the right size.

I take the ring off when I'm in the gym, but it's held up to everyday use without a scratch. I did wind up getting a second ring (same exact type) that was slightly bigger for the summer (fingers are bigger in warm weather).

Good luck


As someone mentioned earlier, the only caution I would give you about the tungsten carbide is that if you are in some kind of accident involving your finger, the hardness of the ring may cause problems.

Mrs Mapwhap is a paramedic, and told me that they would probably cut the finger off, cos most hospitals don't have the tools on hand to cut tungsten carbide.


I'm really curious about this myself, since I have a hubby with fingers in danger. I know the likelihood of crushing a tungsten/titanium ring to the point where it needs cutting is low with such a harder metal, but I've only looked at titanium, which appears to be readily cuttible. I'd like to know if anyone here has cut either metal.