Alternative Mass Building Exercises

I have a problem.

The gym I go to is severely limited in the weights section. They have fixed weight barbells (max is 45kg) and fixed weight dumbbells (max 34kg). There’s no squat / power rack (not that you’d need it with those weights), there’s only 2 benches, and they don’t have A-frames (I think that’s the right name, the bit that holds the weight for you when not pressing), there’s not even a smith machine. On the plus side, they do have a cable station with chin-up bars.

Before anyone posts a ‘find another gym’ post, there are three gyms in the town I live in, this one is the best because it actually has SOME free weights. The best gym nearby is a 40 minute drive away, and I’ve no room to get my own setup at home.

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing / sadly shaking your head…

So, onto the question. I want to add size to my somewhat skinny frame (6’6", about 210lbs), and was wondering if using single limb alternatives to the big lifts was a viable alternative, i.e. would doing single leg deadlifts / squats build mass as well as traditional deadlifts / squats, bearing in mind I can’t handle as much weight with them?

You need another gym. Crazy fool! Or MAKE SOME ROOM and have a home gym. If you wan t to workout, you have to make some sacrifices…

If there truly is no other alternative then you’ll just have to make the best use of what’s avail. Maybe a high volume routine with lots of unilateral work? (I can’t believe I even said that.)

This websites company in UK based and is currently doing a clearance on bodymax weights. The rubber weoghts are buy one get one free - so get a 25kg plate and another free one for 30 quid.
Lots of benches for sale too. Acouple of hundred for bench bar and weights should set you up nicely. I myself have just got a bench,bar,dumbbells and 350kg of weights - i saved up for it 'cause i’d really like it.

Bodyweight routines can work if you bust your ass and strive to get stronger and eat enough food. Check out Ross Enamait and order his “Never Gymless” book. Visit the forum for ideas on building home equipment that takes up little room but gives big results.

The one thing I can tell you with bodyweight routines is that you can’t expect to train only three days a week and get huge (actually, this applies to people who only want to lift weights three days a week too).

You will need to train 5-6 days a week using different intensities throughout the week (strength endurance one day, maximal strength another day, explosive strength on a third day and 2-3 other days for conditioning).

learn to do a handstand pushup.