Alternative Leg Exercises

So I really like using the basic leg exercises for developement (mostly the BB squat and BB Deadlift with their variations and the clean/snatch/jerk exercises), but the place where I work/live (A Navy Ship) doesn’t usually allow access to these moves when we’re out to sea.

It’s not too big of a deal for the 1-3 week underways, but it’s the deployments (3-6 months) that really throw me for a curve. What’s the best way to not only maintain the work you’ve done, but advance your training without such exercises available to you?

Sometimes the gym is dead, so deadlifting and the oly moves (depending on the motion of the ocean) are fair game, but not often enough to count on it. So far I’ve been using 1 legged DL’s, Bugarian DL’s, Romainian DL’s, and some kettlebell work. What other moves am I missing out on? I’m going to check out Ian King’s old “Limping into…” series, but there’s got to be more. I guess box jumps are yet another option, but those get tricky to find something suitable to work with.


Lunge variations would be good. Goblet squats with a dumbbell. I wouldn’t call box jumps a good hypertrophy exercise, but they can be good for developing some speed/power/explosiveness.

zercher squats, barbell hack squats (although I despise these), walking lunges, split squats, and the list goes on

Front squats, sissy squats for quads. Good mornings for hams and glutes.