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Alternative Fuels


Does anyone know of any formulas that have been successfully used to run a vehicle with little or no gas?

I think the major problem was being able to filter whatever it was that has been used, but I also heard that special filters were made too.

Wood burning stoves and pellet stoves can also save us from being dependant on gas or propane and save us a lot of money.

Any other tips, tricks or ideas?


Waste oil furnaces are cool, since for the time being we are not getting away from cars, there is an abundance of it.


Diesel engines can be run with used cooking oil. I think all they do is filter the gunk out first.


The deisel engine was invented to run on cotton oil!
it will actually run on any liquid oil - hemp, sunflower, old rancid chip-shop oil, etc.
thus if we could all grow our own dope, we could run our cars, eat high protein cakes, get the correct ratio of omega 6's to 9's, wear cool clothes and be perteually high.
man that'd be heaven!


Keep hearing stories on the news about people who are modifying diesel engines in some way to run off of used cooking oil. Just filter out the crumbs and it runs great.


I heard the same thing on a comercial, but they never went into specifics.

I'd trade my truck in for a diesel engined car and I'd be good to go.

I don't realy want to throw something in the tank without knowing for sure if it would work though.


if you have a ton of cash and a high performance car, you could invest in methanol/ethanol gas. Its alcohol based...here's a hint: its why going to races smell so good even before somebody wrecks...

High horsepower...no oil..... and it smells better than my cologne...


Bring this back,

A lot of newer cars are what they call dual fuel vehicles. They will run on gas or e85 which is 85% ethanol. The Biodeisel which is made from vegetable oil is not as simple as using used oil. It needs to be refined but it is not that difficult.

The Show Dirty Jobs featured this one night. He used the oil from deep fryers. Pretty cool stuff.

vegetable oil is great and we have the ability to produce a virtually unlimited supply of it. I know in our area there is alot of farm land that is being paid to not be planted.