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Alternative for Low Cable Pull-In?


Just Purchased Poliquin's German Body Comp training book, one of the exercises requires equipment that my gym does not have (ankle strap). What do you guys suggest be a good substitute for the low-cable pull-in?


What is a low cable pull in? Ankle straps... is it an ab exercise? And how are you liking the book? I've been using the GBC training an a few clients of mine with remarkeably amazing results. Both ladies increases calories consumed and dropped 6 pounds in 2 weeks. It's almost unbelievable!

However I did not purchase the book. I just researched some of Poliquins writing online. I feel like I understand the concept, but the book could help. Whudday think?


if we are talking about the same thing, which is an ab trainer

A. I wouldnt switch it out

but if you have to for lack of equipment I'd say the dragon Flag should do you good


Yeah its an ab exercise ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKtxdAgznB4&feature=related ), I guess i'll sub it with dragon flag exercise, though I was thinking a different ab weighted exercise would be better. As for the book I just received it last night haven't tried the workouts yet. My first impression from reading over the workouts is I'm surprised! I was expecting to find something similar to the article he wrote below:


Instead they are full body workouts. He sets out three 6 week programs one for beginner, intermediate and advanced, as well as lays out 4 diet plans (1100 Calorie, 1800 Calorie, 2400 calorie, and 3200 calorie you choose the one that best fits you) and a list of suggested supplement s. He also provides diet tips which I found some pretty obvious and some pretty useful (for example I didn't know cayenne pepper increases thermogenesis and lipid oxidation after meals). I also found it odd in one of the diet plans he lists oatmeal yet in a previous article on this site he stated that he was anti-oatmeal.

PM me in a few weeks if you want to know what I think of the effectiveness of the workouts AFTER I've tried them. I am planning on doing GBC every other week until I finish the 6 week program (going to be lifting heavy the other weeks).


Cool man, I'll definatly hit you up in a few weeks.


I'd say get rid of them completely. He offers "suggestions" of exercises in his book. I've done GVT and managed fairly well. Keep the primary exercises as they are "most bang for your buck" but the secondary are just that...secondary.

I did:

A1) Squat
A2) Leg Curl
10 sets of 10

B1) Leg Press
B2) Glute Ham Raise
3 sets of 10

If you want to keep the pull-ins do weighted leg raises on the captains chair as that is a simlar movement.

Also, as you progress keep your intensity in mind. If you're actually hitting all 10 sets of 10 you aren't lifting enough weight. You should start to fail to reach 10 reps by like set 6 or 7. The amount of failure will of course be exercise dependant and the RM you lift with will be exercise dependant. He gives a starting goal of 60% but that will be WAY too light unless you are so fast twitch dominant your nickname is the Flash. By the end of the program I was probably lifting with about a 12RM on the bench and failing around set 6 or 7 going from 10s to 7s 6s and back up to 8s and down again.

It's a fun program to try out.


Bro, this isnt GVT, its GBC. Two completely different styles of trianing. However, with the abs and stuff I would have to agree. You can do them, but really, is it worth the extra time?


German Body Composition training NOT German Volume Training. Although I might buy GVT if I have success with this program.