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Alternative for GHL & Reverse Hypers in Best Damn Workout?

My gym doesn’t have a GHR or reverse hyper setup. What would be the best movement to use instead?

I searched the forum fbefore posting this question - sorry if it’s already been answered…


Romanian Deadlifts are good. You could also do some banded curls for your legs.

RDL’s are in the program & I dunno if that replacement works. Thanks tho. Also not sure there’s bands there for the curls,. Again tho, thx :slight_smile:

You can always do natural glute hams but they are much harder

Could u possibly link me to a “how to” for those? I can search but would have no idea what I was looking for exactly…

Thx for any help :wink:

K I looked via google and what I saw makes sense…thing is i need to locate where the hell in my big ass gym the damn stand thing for these is :(. The place is enormous and dense with all sorts of equipmen, but they seem to like rearranging stuff, like the pec Deck I spent 5 minutes finding today that was 15 yards from where it was last week. New management I guess is y but dammit they about need a map and then distribute decoder rings to find stuff!

You can get someone to hold your legs. You will need some kind of mat under your knees.

Never do GHRs unless it’s on an incline. Use a foam roller or whatever. Knees need to be above the ankles or it 's joint dominant. Elevate them caps, if you have to. I’d argue that it’s an overrated exercise and not worth the effort.

I put a bench in a power rack for my knees and use one of the catchers to put my feet under.

This is a good mtorr exercise but cable pull throughs are a flute ham alternate. You can also do straighter leg glute bridges with your heels on a bench.

A GHR station actually exists at my gym now. It’s either new or was moved into an area I’m in enough to find ;))). Problem solved.