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Alternative Fats on T-Dawg Diet?


Is it correct to use extra virgin olive oil and cheddar cheese in addition to fish oils, whole eggs and animal fat on the T-Dawg diet?

For the sake of variety i mean.

Thanks Shire.


That will work fine


Is canola oil an okay oil? Not for all my fat obviously, but for like 15g. or so a day?


I've never understood the fascination w/ olive oil compared to canola oil. Canola oil is half the price (if not more) and has a better nutritional profile for the ratio of omega 3 to 6. And if that article on here about olive oil not being the "real" stuff is true, the benefits of canola are probably that much greater. (Unless of course there is a canola "conspiracy" too...)

Long story short, I think canola oil is ok sarah1.


Canola oil isn't without controversy...