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Alternative Cycles

Curious about ideas regarding alternative cycles to the standard newbie “10 week Test E with Adex followed by 4 week SERM PCT.” I know that it is a great starting point for most everyone and that is why it is recommened but just looking for other ideas. For example:

  1. Shorter test cycles. Alot of people seem to like Test E for 6-8 weeks. Or even Prop. for 4-6.

  2. Non-test based cycles for guys. Some people like Masteron or Primo.

  3. And the ever hated oral only cycles. Alot of people just tied up in knots about these but the Furious George thread is not against them in the short/medium cycle explanations and so I am curious.

There are ideas spread through out all the threads. Just thought this may help newbs like me and get some discussion going. Thanks for any answers!