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Alternative Creatines


Just looking for everyone's experiences/opinions with the barrage of non-monohydrate creatine products that are out there.

I see a ton of "ester's" and "di or tri malates" but I'm wondering if these are worth a shot or are they going the way of the NO supplement garbage.

Anybody have better success with an alternative creatine than they did with good ol' Monohydrate?


Bauer, the different creatines are dying, much like creatine serum and effervescent creatine.

Although creatine ethyl ester can't stand up to the hype, it, at the very least, dissolves well! LOL


Haha, okay, no need to waste my money on them then, thanks for the advice. I've been away from creatine for a little bit, trying to see what difference in appearance I can see without the water retention, but I'm looking forward to obtaining its benefits again. Have you had any specific success with one brand over another?


I just look for anything with CreaPure on the label. Most reputable brands are the same.