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Alternative Breakfast Food Other Than Eggs?


So I'm RESTARTING my bulk monday. And let me tell you. Ya I'm 135 so I don't need 12 eggs like the rest of you, but even 6 eggs, holy crap... too many eggs. I used to be able to scarf down 6 to 8 during wrestling season, but way too many now. It's not the food intake, I think I just have gotten sick of eggs.

Any alternatives? I know that any meat will do, but ham or turkey in the morning?

My plan was 4 eggs 3 egg whites, bowl of oatmeal, 16 oz milk, and a banana. But I can't scarf down those eggs.

Any protein alternative you guys can think of? I can manage 1 egg and like 4 egg whites, its the yolks and the taste thats getting to me.


How about some protein powder mixed in with your milk?


What do you eat the rest of the day? Why not eat that?


make an omelet...mmmm with chicken bits, green pepper, onion, throw in some more dead animal and hey! you can barely taste the egg


Pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, hash browns, grits, cheese, steak, butter, whole milk, cream, panfried trout, ham, melted cheese, cottage cheese, fruit, veggies, more steak, more cheese, more melted cheese, pork chops, lamb chops, brisket, crepes, lefsa, french toast, egg/bacon/ham/sausage/cheese sandwich, breakfast burrito, regular burrito, guacamole, bagel and cream cheese, shrimp cocktail, crabcakes, salmon eggs and toast, crab louie, shrimp louie, pop tarts, a Denny's grand slam and a spot of tea to wash it all down.


And that's a pre-breakfast warm up


Change the way you make eggs. Add condiments. Fried eggs with chilli garlic sauce (the asian shit) is awesome. Fry them with calorie free spray. Throw on some cheese and potatoes and youre good to go.


Or just have leftovers from dinner. Ive eaten porkchops for breakfast a few times


Steak. It makes a great breakfast food.


I do that all the time. People make disgusted faces when I tell them that but who the hell cares. What's with people who can't stomach real food in the morning?


If I can, I'll eat some chicken in the morning.
Usually though, I'll eat a couple of hot pockets and a glass of milk.


About protein powder, I try to keep it to two scoops a day max. One pre and one post workout. A lot of proteins have high enough lead, iron, etc. concentrations to exceed daily reccomended values from 3 scoops. I prefer real food.

As for the omelets and all that, I've tried. It's really not the taste, I really think I'm working up an intolerance to eggs. I have eaten eggs EVERY morning for a year, in different forms. As for "pancakes etc etc etc." I know I'm trying to bulk but I'm not trying to get fat. I'm 135, its not gonna take much more than 3000 calories to make me gain weight right now. Especially when I stop a lot of the cardio.


I better not walk by any magnets, lol.

Pretty sure I'm bullet proof at this point too.


Buy better protein powder.


Youre 135 and afraid of pancakes making you fat and protein powder giving you heavy metal poisoning. Have fun being small forever.


Maybe he's a 3'8" dwarf


That is true. Fair point


I have the same problem, if i eat the same types of food they start to make me feel sickly.

You can eat anything for breakfast. I recently spent some time in Singapore and was eating chicken fried rice, noodles, chickpea curries, and chicken sausages for breakfast. Experiment - its the way forward.

Likes Bonez said, stop worrying too much about smaller stuff. Just try it for a week, if it works brilliant, if not - move on.


I get what you guys are saying. I'm not worried about getting fat, but I was looking for alternate protein sources that are gonna feel like breakfast foods. Ill just cut it down to 2 eggs 2 egg whites for a while, throw in some turkey bacon, throw in some veggies and some ham then throw it in a burrito.

By the way I'm 5'8 so ya I'm short and I'm not growin any taller. I've wrestled right up until exactly a year ago, so ya I've lifted for like 5 years but I wasn't really trying to gain weight. I wrestled at 112. Being 135 is not bad after a year, walked around at 122 or so.

This is my first real bulk so gimme a break, I DID post this in the beginner forum. It does suck that most don't even know I've touched a weight in my life when I've lifted for 5 years. I'm not saying its "genes" I'm sayin its cause I haven't even tried and its gonna be hard gaining fat with the wrestling 4% bodyfat I used to have.


I don't think anyone is trying to give you a hard time. Noone wants you to get fat but the thing is you can probably get away with a lot more than you think you can (a lot more than pancakes) without getting fat.

I used to run almost every day, and hated eating fatty meals. Now I rarely run, eat pb and eggs before bed, eat burgers/cheesesteaks/ham more often than chicken and turkey (well, I do like chicken, but its rarely a plain grilled chicken breast or something), and I'm not any less lean. I still feel like I usually come up on the short end of what I could be doing - if you feel like you're going overboard you might be close to going far enough. Well, it is possible to actually go overboard and you have to be honest with yourself, but for someone with your background I think it's unlikely.

If you really notice yourself getting sloppy, then make some changes. But until that happens just focus on calories and protein and you can only benefit from it.

To somewhat answer the original question, I've recently liked eating a couple spoons of peanut butter to supplement smaller meals. Could use this with breakfast as well if you're having trouble filling it out