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alternating workout list every other week?

Everyone seems to use the same lifts every week. I’ve been alternating between 2 menus and it works good for me but I’m also pretty new to heavy strength training. Anything really wrong with doing it this way? My core lifts are:

day 1 week 1: shoulder width stance deadlift and snatch pulls
day 1 week 2: wide stance squat and clean pulls
Squats and DL really nuke my hips and take a lot out of my whole body so I can’t see doing both in one week.

day 2 week 1: flat BB press, dips and seated rows
day 2 week 2: close grip incline press, flat DB press and bent over rows

day 3 week 1: good mornings
day 3 week 2: stiff leg deadlift (not sure if this is the right name. It’s the same motion as a GM but the bar is kept close to the body)

day 4 week 1: infront of head press and chinups
day 4 week 2: behind the head press and wide grip pullups

Most like to split legs as hip and quad days but DL or squats don’t work my hams enough and both hit my hips hard so I split it into moves that bend at the knee and stiff legged moves that hit my hams.

Like I said, this has worked ok for me so far but I’m wondering if deadlifts and squats are different enough that doing them every other week will eventually not be enough. I would think it would be ok since westside squats instead of DLing.

Thanks in advance.