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Alternating TRT Dose Each Week? DIM Instead of AI?

I all,

I have been on doc prescribed trt for 4 weeks, 200 mg test c per two weeks. I have supplemented pharma 200 mg with under 250 mg to increase the dose and doctor has prescribed DIM to help with estrogen rather than an AI.

Gaining concern reading more about trt and others doses.

Questions, do we think it is two high to start trt at 200 mg per week rather than 200 per two weeks as prescribed? If I need to drop down how to I taper?

Also DIM rather than an AI? Has anyone ever heard of this or done this?

Also how do I know if I need an AI?

Thanks all!


200 mg week 1 - pharma
250 mg week 2 - under test
200 mg week 3 - pharma
250 mg week 4 - under test


DIM ~ 150-300 mg per day

I would switch to 100mg per week (or 50mg twice a week) and do that for 6 weeks and then get blood work. You may not need the DIM or an AI at that dose.

Thanks Watts.

I have been on TRT (pellets) for one year.

As soon as the pellets were started, I have been on DIM.

You can split shots up 3 weekly or daily. If you feel good staybat dose. If not lower a little and try again.

If you have ore trt labs post them.

From what I understand the best way to become stable is daily injections. I know it kind of sounds unreasonable to inject every day but I thinks it mite be the best way to get your levels stable

Its really not bad. I’m eod with test and ed sometimes 2×d with peptides. My stomach is starting to look like a pin cushion but you get use to it. I actually enjoy it because i know each shot brings me furthur in the right direction

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Daily Injections???

You guys are some serious MFs.

Not necessarily, what levels were you starting from and what are your symptoms? You definitely do not want every two week dosing. PCPs use that dosing schedule and many of their patients, though improved with every two week injections, report feeling better after switching to every week.

You really don’t, but some guys believe they feel “unstable” when levels even slightly fluctuate.

Yes, not unusual.

I suppose its one of those “you’ll know it when you know it” things. I do believe some guys talk themselves into believing they have high E2 symptoms. Things to look for are mood or emotional problems, sexual issues, gynecomastia (mastalgia is not gynecomastia), but generally you want to avoid aromatase inhibitors.

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I would prefer that too stitching up pellets inside myself every few months that could end up pushing out or breaking down too fast or too slow. I cant feel my shots during or after. Takes 1 minute and i can keep my.levels optimum constantly. If I need more i just draw a few ticks more tomorrow. I need less minus a few ticks. No repeated minor surgeries. Some people inject peptides like 4× a day depending on what it is

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Thanks highpull!!!

Agree with everything you just said. You will start to see the better more knowledgeable doctors start to move to daily injections it is starting to show how much better it can keep your levels stable. And to be honest it all really depends where your shgb levels are based on how often you should inject

Won’t daily injections cause more scar tissue?

Where in body and what gauge needles?

30g insulin needles. Afrer You pull it out you usualy cant even see where the hole is. Plus alot of people like my self do subq, so no muscle damage. I go in my stomach mostly. Sometimes love handles. Anywhere there is fat. I like the 5/16" 30g

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Agree with @jimmy401 I do insulin needles as well everyday and have been doing it that way for quite sometime you rotate injection sites everyday to minimize scar tissue.

Fill a 26 and backfill the 30? I can’t pull with 30 when I was injecting. It also Dulled my needle if I filled and injected with same.

You must have some nice needles brother haha…

So here another great question for the well knowledgeable members.
So let’s say someone has low T. They get their testosterone levels in a good range. Somethings that I’ve been noticing lately that the strength of my urine stream has decreased greatly also I am still every now and then have an erection problems. I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind That I could possibly have a prostate problem. So let’s say theoretically my prostate is slightly enlarge. Would this in any shape or form affect my erections? and if it does how do I solve this. ?

I buy bd ultra fine and easy touch. I can draw from 2 vials and pop it into my stomach after no issue. Maybe 1/20 bounces off and i have to stab again but i think its cause i kinda flinch and lock up my wrist. I stab not push.

My needles have always worked perfectly doing it this way I get a big box from Costco Pharmcy