Alternating training

How many of you alternate training between heavy/powerlifting and higher volume/repitition lifting? How long does each cycle last and what kind of gains does this give you as far as lean body mass?

For me, spring and summer are higher volume/ higher reps, each body part once a week training. Fall and winter- brief, heavy workouts 2xs a week focusing on driving up my squat, s.l. deadlift, deadlift and military press. Last winter i was at 6’2" 225 and by summer i was at 210 with a decent 4-pack. This winter i want to try and hit 230-35, so i can hit approx. 215 next summer.

That’s actually what I’m thinking about doing. Right now I’m doing Doug Hepburn’s powerlifting program (3 sets of 1 @ 95% 1rm, then 5x5 w. 75%, adding another set of 1 each workout until eight sets of singles, then increasing weight and starting back at 3). Loving every minute of it too! Anyway, I was gonna cycle it with some GVT, but the problem is the last time I tried this I gained size but my one-rep maxes went down. I noticed on squats in particular that trying to get anywhere close to 10x10 with the appropriate percentage (50-60 percent) was virtually impossible. At a 1rm of 315 at the time, I had to lower the weight to 135 and I struggled beyond belief to complete all sets/reps. I’m predominantly fast-twitch, so this partly explains it. I may do a lower rep scheme on the GVT such as 10x6 or 10x8. I’m probably going to stick w. the powerlifting cycle for at least six weeks since my one rep maxes are definitely nothing to write home about.

Its actually a form of periodization
It can work great if you do it properly
My advice would be
getlean first
then do some hypertrophy training eg 6 weeks
then do some strength eg 4 weeks
then maybe some power stuff and repeat
of course if you training more for strength the strength phase would be longer and if you training more for hypertrophy the hypertrophy phase may be a little longer