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Alternating SubQ and IM Injections

You know how some alternate dosages to break stable levels. Anyone try alternating im and subq? And how was your experience and any advice even if it wasn’t for breaking stable levels.

Good question Charlie. Ive often wondered the same.

Also, mixing it up means less holes in musculature.

I’ve been doing it for 2 months and have noticed zero change and have experienced zero benefits. I didn’t change my dose so maybe I’m just at steady state. Now I just do whatever is most convenient and don’t think about it.

Maybe I need to clarify my message. Alternating I mean if injecting monday and Thursday. One is subq and other Injection is im.

I wouldn’t simply because of the absorption rate - Subq supposedly has a slower absorption rate than IM and one of the most important thing about TRT is maintaining stable levels. I would stick to either one or the other in the short term but if you want to do IM for 3 months than subq 3 months that may be less of an issue.

That’s exactly what I did. I literally experienced no difference. Now I don’t pay attention to the rotation and simply inject whichever is easiest.