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Alternating Sets w/ German Volume Training?


After you do set #1 of incline barbell press, do you move on to set #1 of chin ups right after. then move back to set #2 of incline barbell press?


do set #1 incline barbell press, rest 100secs, and then set #2 of incline barbell press. leaving chin ups after you do your chest?

Day 1: Chest and Back

A-1: Incline Barbell Presses
10 sets of 5 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds

A-2: Lean-away Chin-ups
10 sets of 5 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds

B-1: Parallel Bar Dips
3 sets of 6-8 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 90 seconds

B-2: One-Arm Arc Dumbbell Rows
3 sets of 6-8 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 90 seconds



Do A1 exercise, rest 100 seconds, do A2 exercise, rest 100 seconds, do A1 exercise, rest 100 seconds, do A2 exercise, etc. Repeat until you've done the total number of sets for each movement.

The longer rest allows you to hit each set of each exercise as (relatively) fresh as possible. Especially as you get into the last few sets, you'll appreciate every bit of rest you can get. Just be sure to be strict with keeping yourself sticking to the clock.

And just to be clear, with unilateral exercises (where you work one arm or leg at a time, like dumbbell rows) do one side, then immediately do the other side, and then start the rest timer.


thanks a lot, you also answered the next question in my head. ahaha


I'm almost 6feet, 178pounds. And I can't fit in with more then 3 days split due to work/studies.
I'd really appritiate comments about my schedule, things i could/should change for any reason!
Anyways! here my Idea and feel free to comment, change neglect it or whatever! Don't want to do something stupid in it that would only hurt me or my progress so!

Monday: Back&Bicep

Deadlift: 10x10
Chins: wide, medium. Pulls: Medium, close: (It's all grip variation. gonna do 10sec rest between the grips & 3 min rest between sets, 3 sets total).
T-Bar Rows: 3x8
Inc Db bicepcurl: 2x8
Reversed Ez-bar curl: 2x12

Wednesday: Chest& Shoulders

Flat Bench: 10x10
Inc Bench: 2x8
Seated Db shoulderpress: 2x12
Front lateral cable raises: 2x8

Friday: Legs&Tricep
Leg press: 10x10
Leg curls: 3x8
Back narrow stance Squats: 2x5
Weighted dips: 3x12 (2 twitches bottom of each rep)
Dumbell tricep overheadextension: 2x10

Cheers for your effort!