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Alternating Routine Critique



Right now I'm following a Candito 6-week and I'm amazed at the progression after a long stall... Peaking in November.
I think cycling with different objectives than building strength on the big 3 won't hurt though. I thought about doing : 6 weeks focused on improving big 3 - 6 weeks on other weaknesses. Namely, athleticism, explosiveness, glutes and shoulders specifically which I believe compliment very well all lifts

This is what I've planned to do. I have learnt Olympic lifts in a club already and they are awesome IMHO, I miss them right now.

Saturday : sprints

Sunday : light jog, 40'-ish

Monday off

Tuesday upper body 1 : snatch, Paul Carter shoulder day 1 (routine here : https://www.T-Nation.com/training/nailing-the-overhead-press)

Wednesday lower body : hip thrusts, squats&deadlift variation

Thursday off

Friday upper body 2 : clean&jerk, PC shoulder day 2

  • ab wheel everyday

Any ideas welcome!


If you goals are truly: athleticism, explosiveness, glutes and shoulders specifically

then I feel you would benefit from:

  • jumps, throws, agility work
  • forgetting the jog unless you have a reason to jog for 40 minutes
  • moving heavy objects from one location to another in various ways (eg sled, carries, etc)
  • leaving the ab wheel for lifting days


Right, I forgot the plyo and carries. I will try to find a gym with a sled when I’m changing town in December but not sure about that.

Otherwise plyo before lifting days + carries and ab wheel for 5-10’ at the end of the sessions seem great ideas.

Well I just enjoy running a lil bit. Bluetooth headphones, 10 good tracks, a good spot and go. Would like to get that 10km in 40mins one day. I feel like improving my aerobic capacity doesn’t hurt, actually it has never hurt.


That’s cool but if your goal is explosiveness and athleticism rather than running 10k in 40m. I’d plan accordingly.


Yep running through a bunch of different phases/proven programs over the course of a year is a great idea once past beginner level. Also good way to ‘learn’ your body…


Thinking more about the whole thing I was about to suggest 3 months of strength/explosiveness (similar to above template but without the jog as suggested) followed by 2 months of big 3 with emphasis on bench then bodyweight and running for a few weeks to cool off

I always appreciate ur answers with links towards articles from when I didn’t even know what a barbell was. They always make a lot of sense.

Thx guys


Christian thibaudeau just dropped a pretty nice article on the matter today.

I’ve had a very good progression on diet and training lately and I know my recovery is sub optimal because of high stress and poor sleep (super noisy neighborhood, about to move next week). Still had a hard time understanding how fatigue from training can be handled.

His explanations helped a lot.