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Alternating Reps/Sets In 3 Day Routine

I am doing a 3 day a week full body routine and want to start with 24 reps per body part (following rep/set bible by CW). It seems like alternating heavy,medium,light days make sense but instead of using lighter or heavier weights with the same rep scheme, would it be better to do 3x8 monday, 3x8 wed and 4x6 friday with appropiate loads for each?

sure but why not 3x8, 8x3, and 4x6??

[quote]Phill wrote:
sure but why not 3x8, 8x3, and 4x6??[/quote]

Well, i was thinking that Monday would be the heavy day and, hopefully, i would be pretty toasted from it so wed. would be the light “recovery” day. Friday would be medium intensity to build on the lighter day that preceded it. Why do you suggest doing it the other way?