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Alternating md-6,T-2 with Power Dirve

I’m going to be alternating 2 weeks maintenence with 2 weeks cutting. Would it be a good idea to take md-6 and T-2 on the cutting weeks, and Power drive on the maintenence weeks? This is an attempt to keep my supply as long as possible. Thank you

Not a bad idea. Is it the orig. T2 that you have? If body comp is what your primary focus is, what about using T2 Pro on off-weeks to restore thyroid function?

What is your reasoning for taking PD on your “off cutting” weeks? If your reason is to compsenate for not having the stimulant effect of MD6 then it might not be a bad idea.

However, if PD really helps you to recruit more muscle during lifts then it might be more beneficial to take it with your cutting weeks as it might help burn more calories. Just a thought.

yes im basically planing on using the power drive as a stimulant for my off weeks.