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Alternating Low and High Bar Squats

I know that many believe that bar placement on the squat makes little difference; however, i am a believer the movements are different enough to consider them variations…

With that being said, has anyone ever rotated them or alternated them program to program?

For example: High Bar during Boring But Big then after the anchor switch to another program like Boring But Strong with Low Bar…

What’s are your thoughts or experiences (if you ever did it)?


Umm not exactly 5/3/1 but in a hypertrophy/accumulation/high volume phase I’ll use high bar because it’ll save my wrists and elbows from the volume. As well as better tolerating high volume I love the extra squad emphasis also for such a phase of training.

Personally get thrown off a bit technique wise if I keep them both in at the same time/rotate frequently but I know loads of people who do with great success.

Like you said treat high bar as a main lift/builder to assist your competition lift. Keep track of progress and maxes separately

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High bar skwaats encourage your squad to turn up for legs/squatting making rest times less boring, pushing you during working sets and calling you on depth as required

I’ve alternated in the past. If you do, just make sure you keep one variation for several cycles (or a program), and adjust the TM appropriately.

You can use low bar for your main work (5/3/1 sets and reps) and then use high bar for supplemental work (Widowmakers, BBB, BBS, SST or any other supplemental program. This means you dont have to drop one for the other, you can use them both.

For example:

Main work: 5s PRO with Low-bar squats
Supplemental: 1x15-20 @ FSL

Main work: PR sets with Low bar
Supp: 1x15-20 @ FSL

Make sure have separate Training Maxes for each. Test your TM for the lift you want to use.

You dont have to use both. you can use either hi bar or low for all around