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Alternating Lifting Routines

would it be good to use a total body training routine like one of Waterbury’s programs for a month, then do a split program for a month and basically alternate back and forth? my goal is like anyone else, put on as much mass as possible trying not to put on TOO much fat. right now since its summer im tryin to keep fat at a minimum.

i just completed Art of Waterbury and it kicked my ass, Im not gonna lie. Now Im thinking Im going to do a split routine for a month, looking like this:

Monday - Chest/Biceps
Flat Bench, Seated DB Curls
Incline Bench, Preacher CUrls
DB Flies
Pullovers, Reverse Curls

Wednesday - Back/Triceps
Deadlifts, Close Grip Bench
Rows, Skull Crushers
Chins, Dips

Friday - Shoulders/Legs
Military press, back squats
Laterals, Front squats
cleans, seated calf raises
shrugs, standing calf raises