Alternating Leg Day

I’m doing a 4 day/week upper/lower split. It looks like this-

fri-max effort lower

Now my question is for my max effort lower day is it ok to switch my heavy lift ever week? I don’t want to do both squats and deads heavy in the same workout because ill burn out. So what I have been doing is one week I do squats for 5x3 and deads for 2x8-12 and the next week I do deads for 5x3 and squats for 2x8-12. I find that if I just drop one to focus on the other when I go back I have lost some strength so I would prefer to keep both going at the same time. Is this ok? Do you think it will hinder my progress? Is their a better way to incorporate both without lifting on my running day?

yeah sure alternateing between squats and deadlifts wouldnt hurt you any you would probably have more PR’s in each

I’ve found a lot of success alternating ME lifts every two weeks. You could go back and forth between a squat variation and deadlift variation like:

Free squat
Straight-bar deadlift
Box squat
Trap-bar deadlift from 4" box
Front squat
Trap-bar deadlift
Box squat with chains

etc. etc.