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Alternating Front/Back Squat


Has any one tried alternating front/back squats during a workout? I did these today and last week. I did these in almost a superset fashion. Example frontsquat 150x3-5/backsquat175x3-5. The transistion time should be around 10seconds.


I've done them in the same workout, but not supersets. I take it that was intense?


It was somewhat, I didn't use the weights above. I did 135 front squat ATG and 155 back squat. I could of went heavier w/the back squat, but wanted to asses the workout w/a lighter weight. Got my heart and lungs working.


I bet it did. How long of a rest between sets?


I did 3x5 with 425/375 and yes it was a nice leg killer.


Between front/back about 10-15seconds. Between each alternating set, about 90 Seconds.