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Alternating Fitness Center

Okay…here’s the deal. I work at a corporate fitness center and one of the perks of the job is that I get to workout while at work (so bascially I get paid to workout…pretty cool huh??). Anyways, I pre-plan ALL my workouts and I write down what weights I use for every exercise. I also workout at my local fitness center on the weekends and I noticed over the weekend, that I can’t use the same weight at my local fitness center as I do at work. Example…for shoulder press, last week I used the 70 lbs DB’s at work…and when I did the same exact routine at my gym at home, I had to drop down to 65 lbs DB’s. And I have noticed this with other exercises as well!! So, I was wondering other people have noticed this same phenomenon?? The only thing I could come up with is that each fitness I workout at uses different brands of DB’s. Do you think it is possible that different brands with different handles and what not would make such a difference in the weight I can use? I was just curious if anyone had an opinion on the matter. See ya…and by the way, I am freezing my ass up here in Central NY!!! I cant wait for the warm weather to come!

Two things to consider, when you train on the weekends, is it your 2nd time hitting the muscle group that week?
Secondly, whats the “weekend” gym like? My surroundings change my focus.
The “hole” I train in is old school. The db’s we have, have big handles that i’m used to now. When I first came here my weight was down, and took awhile to come up. About a month ago i trained at a “fitness center” with a friend and was slinging those pretty chrome dbs all over. They had a smaller handle. That could be the case for you.

hope my ramblings helped

Some places use dumbells that don’t count the weight of the bar. For example, to make a 60 pound db, they throw 6 tens on and don’t consider the 5 pounds or whatever that the bar weighs. At my gym, they include the weight of the bar. I always watch for this.

Yeah the handles and type of dumbell and such can really make a difference. In addition to this if you were to line up a bunch of plates and dumbells and put them on a scale you’ll often find the weights aren’t consistent brand to brand or even with the same brand.