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Alternating Complexes, 10x5 and 20 Minutes?



I have used many of the templates to great success - most notably the original layer template. I have been rereading your work on complexes recently and am considering an approach of my own to a) simplify my training b) increase conditioning and c) give myself wiggle room on training days/ week.

Is it effective and/or appropriate to employ a complex as listed below on consecutive and/ or non consecutive days - between 3-5 times per week:

Front Squat
Barbell Row

As far as reps/ sets go I would “alternate” between the following:

  1. 10 sets of 5 with a focus on adding 5lb to the bar every week

  2. 20 minute metcon of 5 reps per exercise in the complex with a focus of more rounds each week

*by “alternate” I mean that if I trained 4 times per week I would do each set/rep scheme twice in that week.

Thanks as always for your input!


To clarify, on the metcon day I would always use the same weight (135?)

But on day 1 I would try to increase barbell weight over time