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Alternate Westside and Sheiko


K so a rather unusual question... I have a contest in just under 6 weeks and was thinking of alternating sheiko and westside:

In other words:
Week 1: westside
week 2: sheiko (week 1 of #40)
Week 3: westside
Week 4: sheiko (week 2 of #40)
Week 5: westside
Week 6: Sheiko (week 4 of #32)

Any thoughts? The idea being the sheiko is cause I love volume and it keeps my form perfect and I thrive on it... And the westside as a chance to put up some max numbers! I will max on dead only in week 3, squat in week 1 and 5 and bench do heavy triple, double and single for weeks 1,3 and 5 respectively, all shirted. Obviously 3 tops sets...

For example... plan to open on deadlift with 195kg, 215 second and hopefully hit 230kg on third. So i will do top sets of: 190, 200 and 205kg.

For the squats opening with 215kg, seonc 227.5 and third 240kg...
So will do: 210,215,220 in week 1 and 200,205,210 in week 5.

For bench opening with 145kg, 155kg second and 162.5kg third...
Will do triples to a two board with 135kg
Doubles to a one board with 140kg
And singles to the chest with 145kg



Interesting idea. I wouldn't do it though.

I would suggest that you pick one instead of trying to mix and match programs.


It wouldn't be westside, but it still be conjugate method if you just did like 5x10 or 10x5 or something along those lines for supplementary work on either your DE or ME legs day. That way, you get both of your fixes.


This close to a meet it sounds like a terrible idea. Both Sheiko and Westside are made to work over a period of time because things all work together for a purpose. You just can't throw random parts of different programs together and expect it to come out great. Sheiko builds from week to week to week with each week and each workout having a specific purpose in building toward the final goal.
If you want to experiment with something like this, do it far away from a meet so if it turns out poorly you didn't screw up your meet. With the limited time you have left, use the training style and system you have used and had results with to this point. Now is not the time to try something completely out of left field.


You guys are probably right... My only worry is doing sheiko leading up to a meet where I will compete equipped... any thoughts on what I can do?


I would use your plan but go with metal militia in week two, split week three between korte and smolov, and week five I'd do week seven of a progressive overload plan, (but not for the deadlift, I'd use week two of Coan/Phillippi for this).


I'd say no.

They are better off being done one at a time. Better to do something all the way than just half-ass everything.

But if you are willing to try it, I would like to see the results! Nothing is ever better than experiencing it.


I've been toying with a similiar idea myself, but here is my reasoning: Alan Best outlined his powerlifting prep routine on a different website. In it, he pretty much states that he alternates one week of heavy, nearly max effor work (for "nervous system" stimulation), with one week of lighter work, for stimulation of the muscles (violenthero.com).

I was pondering doing one week with each day being a heavy day of lift specific work (bench day, squat day etc.), with the next week being a lighter, full body workout, 3 times a week, like HST style. I don't have a meet coming for several months, so I might try it just to see how it works or doesn't work.

I can surely see where this may be a mega fail, but what the hell.