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Alternate T Pathways

Quick question I think I know the answer to…

Let’s say a trainee using an herbal “T” boost formula (that suggests the typical “X” weeks on/“X” weeks off cycling protocol) were to switch to DAA during the off time. Is there anything to the idea that the “pathway” or mechanism that T is increased using product #1 being different may allow the use of a different product during the off period? Or, is an increase an increase and you need to take a break regardless?

I’m pretty sure the latter is the answer, but I just wanted to get opinions from those who know more than me.

Thanks very much for any help.


It would likely depend on the mechanism by which the supplement works. DAA is purported to raise LH, thereby increasing testosterone, but also cGMP in the pituitary and cAMP in the testes, which also influence LH and T. Other supplements such as horny goat weed or forskolin are supposed to work using similar pathways; I’m no endocrinologist and can’t say for sure, but I reckon that it’d be better to cycle any of these products and take a period of time completely off in order to let your system resensitize itself to the supplements. I’ve taken DAA on and off for about a year and feel as though it works for me, but only really notice this feeling for the first week of supplementation following some time off.