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Alternate Protein Sources?

One of my clients is an Orthodox Catholic. It’s an issue only because Lent has begun and he must abstain from eating just about every good source of protein. Only vegetables/grains and Shell Fish are allowed.

Considering he’s eating more Soy Protein in the past two weeks than all of us on the Forum have collectively, I was hoping someone could recommend a good brand of Rice Protein available in Canada.

Thanks in Advance.

How about crab meat? It has a good amount of protein in it, around 20g’s or so for a cup. Clams and muscles have less protein in them but the still have a good amount, about 13g’s for 3oz.

best advice? Stay away from soy.

beans and grains are protein, if he makes sure to mix them. by themselves they’re not complete. although, for a few weeks that won’t hurt terribly. the soy protein will hurt WAY more. i would shy away from that. isn’t fish allowed during lent?! it’s been a while since i’ve done the lent thing so i don’t know. see if he could get some fermented soy (miso, tempeh, etc.) becuase those are a tad safer as far as antinutrients go, although still contain oodles of estrogens. ick. i don’t know anything aobut rice protein, much less in canada. sorry!

If you direct your question to Mike Mahler; whose primary source of protein is indeed, rice protein, I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer your question.

I had the opportunity to discuss rice protein with him after his August workshop here. Pretty interesting.

Just type mike mahler and rice protein into a search engine. I’m pretty sure his fav brand is Nutribiotics but not 100% sure.

I’m Roman Catholic, exactly what makes a person an Orthodox Catholic? I know there is a Greek orthodox church…

BTW, is he sure he can eat shellfish?

Leviticus specificaly says not to eat shellfish, along w/ pork, as they are unclean. I’ve heard shrimp called the cockroaches of the ocean- ewwwww!