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Alternate Protein Powders


Currently i have pretty much hit the wall with protein powders. I generally hate milk shakey sort of drinks but have forced myself over the years to get these shakes in. yeah i know i can just eat more but that is not convenient for me at the moment.

Now I wouldn't mind drinking them if they tasted more like juice do you guys know of any products/supplier that produce powder in this form?

I thought of mixing regular whey with juice but i don't think i could stomach it. The only protein i know that you can mix with juice successfully is pepto pro ( casein hydrosolate )unflavored but at £40 ($60) per kg that isn't a viable option


Try good tasting powders. The Biotest ones are probably the best I've ever had.

I look forward to drinking my Surge Recovery everyday cause I like the taste lol.

EDIT: Ah, I see you're in England, not sure about Biotest shipping there.


Just look for unflavored stuff. That way you also dont get a ton of artificial flavorings.


What about having whey in non-shake form? Mixed into oatmeal or as a pudding (e.g. chocolate whey, peanut butter and a small amount of water, plus salt to taste and some whole nuts).

As for more juice-like shakes, I believe casein hydrolysate might be the only option.


If you prefer the 'juice' types over the 'milk' types, just go with Mag-10. I carry a jug of the stuff around with me all day and hit it as needed.



In theory, I agree, but he mentioned peptopro as being too expensive for him. Since he's in England, MAG-10 is definitely out of the question then, since it's MUCH more expensive than that.


ON's Gold Standard makes a fruit punch, which isn't bad. I got sick of it by the end of the tub - but could be just what you're looking for.


you want a juicy tasting protein powder?

try Musclemeds Carnivor with water. I guarantee you'll run straight back to whey powders.


Does Isopure make a powder? I always see the premixed glass bottles in corner stores in my neighborhood, and they look like cool-aid, not milky or thick at all.



Isopure was the only company I found but at £45 ($70) for 1.2kg it way to expensive


Have you looked into hydrolysed whey? I used to mix that with berry flavouring from a well known uk site.


Have you looked into hydrolysed whey? I used to mix that with berry flavouring from a well known uk site.


That might work.

And if the berry flavouring from that well known uk site makes you want to puke (that's what it does to me), I can give you some of my Biotest liquid flavouring, since I usually don't use all of mine.