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Alternate Pectoral Exercises


I've seen mentions in several articles that bench pressing doesn't build the pectorals with some body types. I think that's me. When I bench press, I feel it in my triceps & delts, but not much seems to be happening in the pectorals.

So what are the good exerecises for those who can't work their pecs with bench presses?


My favourite is Inc. DB press.

Any press movement with DBs or cables will bring your pecs into the movement.

Think about the movement, try to stimulate your chest as strongly as possible.


I usually start here when looking for new exercise ideas: www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html They're by no means complete or exhaustive lists but they do cover the basics pretty well.


Dumbbell moves seem to help a lot of people. For me bringing the bar down closer to the neck with the elbows flared out really transfers the stress to the chest. You'll have to use much less weight however.




Scotti's right on here...try the Gironda bench, which is what he's talking about basicly...when you first do this you should get plenty of chest involved...guaranteed.



try flys


I have a hard time focusing my chest with DB flyes incline or flat it is really frustrating. I can do it it just takes a lot of focusing on what Im doing. Other than that as far as really building a chest you have to have upper chest and to me the mother of all chest exercises is Heavy DB Incline Press thats built me more than anything I have tried. I gotta agree with Chewie too I love dips


I find two techniques work well for making the bench press a true chest exercise.

1) pinch your shoulder blades together (this stretches the chest more)

2) avoid locking out (this recruits the shoulders and triceps the most).

I got the idea after watching Ronnie Coleman train. He never locks out and keeps constant tension throughout the set.


Gironda Presses and lately I've been on this kick with using an olympic ez curl bar for close and closer grip presses with the elbows out some, incline and decline. Been hitting my chest really well. You get full squeeze almost like crossovers but with a more compound movement and more weight. I wouldn't build an entire chest routine like this, but it's been working great as a change up.