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Alternate MAG-10 Protocol

After reading a couple posts and doing a bit of homework, I decided to try an alternate MAG-10 protocol. I did one week on (one dose in the morning) and one week off, with Tribex/M on the off week. I also upped the cals when on and dropped them when off. The thinking was to allow for quicker T recovery by not keeping the system down very long. This worked really well for about 4 weeks (two cycles). I notice on about the 5th week progress tapered off and I picked up a bit of body fat. I am guessing that T suppression kicked in. After a couple of experiments of this type I am somewhat inclined to think that longer cycles (6-8 week) and just accepting you will have to recover at the end might work better. (at least for me) Anyone else find similarly or differently?

I dont think you necessarily need 6-8 week cycles but it does seem your approach of 1 week on/1 week off might not be such a good thing. My reasoning is that it might take a bit of time for the 1E component to build up in the system enough to really incluence gains and it seems it might take a few days for the 4-AD component to clear out of your system when stopping. I have noticed with androsol and other 4-AD products that people keep getting gains during the week after they stop taking it so in your case you really might only be taking a few days off each cycle.

I tend to agree with Kelly here. I really didnt start to notice a strength increase until the 2nd week (@1 serving in the morning). I then went on the Tribex and M by the 3rd week I seemed to have stalled somewhat. The 4th week I was starting to lose a little strength. I dont think the Tribex can keep hormone levels up to the point of the Mag10. I think it may give a normal “high” testosterone level,thats it.